Which Wynter Wild Character are You?

Ever wondered which character from the Wynter Wild series is the most like you? Maybe you already have a good idea. I used 16personalities.com to find the personality types of the main and secondary characters, and if you take the free test (no account necessary) to get your type you can look up which character matches you.

The test gives a similiar result to the Myers-Briggs 16 personality types – four letters relating to your personality. Of course we are all on a sliding scale for each facet – this just labels your preference:

Introvert / Extrovert (I / E): relates to how you mind relates to your environment – either introspective and reserved (I), or engaging and taking the initiative (E).

iNtuitive / obServant (N / S): relates to your energy when gathering information – relying either on imagining the past and future potential of what you see (N), or on observable facts and more straightforward outcomes (S).

Thinking / Feeling (T / F): relates to your nature when making decisions – valuing either rationality (T) or emotions (F).

Judging / Prospecting (J / P): relates to your tactics when planning and dealing options – prefering either certainty, clarity, and closure (J) or spontaneity, flexibility, and possibilities (P).

The test also gives a fifth letter (Assertive / Turbulent or A / T broadly meaning confident vs. worrisome) which I have not included for my Wynter Wild characters. So just use those first four letters to get your type. When you have your type, read on over the next few days to find your matching character from the books.

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