The Wynter Wild Series

Family drama with a twist

Wynter has spent her entire young life behind a chain-link fence in the middle of the Arizona desert. Her search for love starts the day she escapes on a bus with nothing but an address and her sister’s instructions to forget the past and embrace the world outside.

Join Wynter and her brothers on a heartrending and humorous journey through elementary particles, power chords, and the meaning of love. 

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Little Sister Song #1

Knocking on the door of an unassuming house in Seattle, Wynter is welcomed by her true family—three brothers who never knew she existed—in a place where they have pancakes for breakfast and make rock music in the basement. A place Wynter wants to call home. They all share the same pain: their mother’s abandonment years earlier. And they all share a bond to ease that pain: music.

Out of Tune (#2)

Wynter is struggling to find her place in the world. Now in foster care, her only desire is to move home with her brothers, who become increasingly frustrated by her inability to tell them about her childhood.

While she finds success by putting together a rock band with some boys at school, she fails at the social rules required to befriend the girls.

Oldest brother Caleb has a plan to gain custody. When Wynter discovers the world won’t bend to her will she takes matters into her own hands.

Rhythm & Rhyme (#3)

Wynter has lived on the outside for eight months. While her sister Joy finds life away from the cult increasingly difficult, Wynter is gaining confidence in dealing with the world, even manipulating her siblings’ useless father into stepping up at last.

​When a horrific accident threatens to tear everything apart, it seems Wynter’s dreams of a happy family may be destroyed. Meanwhile, Joy reveals a secret about someone from Wynter’s past, and the family dynamics head in a new direction that no one asked for.

Lost Melodies (#4)

Wynter’s dreams are coming true when Caleb buys a ramshackle farmhouse on the mountain. Her experience of the world is growing, with Jesse to guide her at every step (even when she’d rather he didn’t). She has her first boyfriend, her first job, and a new hard rock band at school. 

But one of her brothers is hiding a shameful secret. Just when her hopes of a united family seem possible… he’s gone. And one by one, her successes are falling apart.

Wynter feels strong enough to handle anything. So why is she retreating into fantasy?

Coming November 2021:

Distortion (#5)

Natural Harmonics (#6)

Duet (#7)

Coming December 2021:

Minor Key (#8)

Broken Strings (#9)

The Beat Goes On (#10)

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