Explorers: Wynter Wild Characters

Part of a series looking at the personality types of the main and secondary Wynter Wild book characters. Take the test at 16personalities.com and see which character matches you. Also read the introductory post.

The four Explorer personalities are the observant prospectors.

ISTP: Virtuoso

Also called the Mechanic or the Craftsman. Characters in the books who match this personality type are:

Joey Clifton

Harry Fairn – father of the Fairn brothers

Joey Clifton – tattoo artist, Beck’s older brother

Frequency in population: quite rare (but common in males)

Greatest fear: Physical helplessness

Greatest weakness: Rude


You are immensely curious about the world around you, and love using your hands to build and create. You are seen as enigmatic because, while friendly and truthful and unorthodox, you are very private and independent.

You have some trouble with the complexity of human emotions, and can get yourself into trouble by being a little too impulsive with an inappropriate joke or an unpredictable change of plans. Or you may not fully understand deception or malice directed your way. You much prefer action and may be attracted to extreme sports.

You are optimistic and energetic, rarely stressed, great in a crisis, and always have a practical project on the go. Your approach to problem solving is rational and analytical – you love troubleshooting and can fix anything!

From the books…

Harry Fairn

Harry is basically the rejected, dysfunctional version of this personality type. He doesn’t understand your emotions and guards his own until they explode in anger or spite. As Caleb puts it, he has wasted his potential and become lazy and disconnected. But someone taught Caleb how to fix things and it was probably Harry in his more lucid moments. It also becomes clear in book 10 that Harry is susceptible to a certain someone’s manipulation and deception.

Joey is a slightly nicer representation of this type. He directs his talents toward an unconventional form of art, and he seems like someone who also knows how to tinker with a car engine or fix a leaky pipe.

Joey Clifton

ISFP: Adventurer

Wynter Wild

Also called the Artist or Composer type. The only character in the books who matches this personality type is:

Wynter Wild

Frequency in population: average

Biggest fear: Being trapped

Biggest weakness: Unpredictability


You are quiet, serious, sensitive and loyal to others, and shy but passionate doing what you love. You are very observant and can be quite bold.

You don’t like conflict, and are not interested in leading or controlling. You can be unpredictable and become easily stressed. While you pour emotion into your art, it can be harder to connect deeply with others. In relationships you can be difficult to get to know, but you’re a faithful, spontaneous, and attentive partner.

Your well-developed senses give you an aesthetic appreciation for beauty. You are flexible, open-minded, original, and creative. You live to enjoy the present moment, and live by a strict personal moral code.

From the books…

Wynter expresses her creativity through music and gardening. She keeps to herself and is fiercely protective of her family.

While she knows she’s supposed to make friends and join a social circle, she ultimately doesn’t succeed in that, and doesn’t care. She participates in activities that appeal to her, and disregards the rest.

In the first few books, Wynter is quite obsessed with the rules for living. This goes against her type, but it does make sense because she’s trying to formulate a framework in order to fit in. However, as she becomes more independent and confident, she becomes less interested in the rules to the point where she says:

Wynter Wild

ESTP: Entrepreneur

Also called the Doer or the Dynamo. Several characters in the series have this personality type:


Brodie Ingles – teen TV star

Hunter – Clockwork Toys guitarist

Olivia – Caleb’s girlfriend

Cranberry (dog), Blondie (goat), Dimiti Dime (cartoon character invented by Indio)

Frequency in population: quite rare

Greatest fear: Losing control

Greatest weakness: Impatient


You enjoy taking risks and live a fast-paced lifestyle, focused on immediate results. You figure everything out on the fly rather than having goals or making plans. Long explanations and rules and regulations make you impatient. You are constantly looking for novel experiences, otherwise you become bored and restless. You probably enjoy athletics or the performing arts.

You’re friendly and adaptable with an earthy sense of humor, and you like to be the center of attention. You’re loyal to friends and have great people skills. You make life an adventure!

You’re honest and direct – you don’t play mind games – and very perceptive of small changes in your environment. You place facts over feelings, which can make you appear insensitive at times, and you also have some trouble expressing your own emotions.

Brodie Ingles

From the books…

The first two characters listed above are performers, and they’re also very young so it’s hard to correctly identify their types. Brodie seems to be on the road to becoming a thrillseeking performer, loyal to his friends, and a little insensitive sometimes. We didn’t get to see Hunter at his very best, but he certainly liked to be the center of attention, was desperate to be a performer, and spoke his mind.

Olivia is a more obvious example of this type. She’s breezy and a little reckless, friendly and open to experience.


ESFP: Entertainer

Also called the Performer. Several characters from the books match this type, although one in particular personifies it to the extreme:

Xay Morant

Xay Morant – rising rockstar

Jessica Palermo – 16-year-old cousin of Wynter

Heather – Easter Bunny from the mini-golf

Nessie – the van

Frequency in population: average

Biggest fear: Loss of freedom

Biggest weakness: Dependent


You are people-oriented, warm, fun-loving, with a playful sense of humor. You live for new experiences and love being the center of attention!

You’re strongly emotional and sensitive to others, providing emotional and practical support. While you like a little drama and passion, you avoid conflict and may react badly if criticized.

Theory and impersonal analysis don’t interest you at all. You’re down-to-earth and practical, but may neglect mundane or repetitive tasks, such as financial planning, because you’re too busy enjoying life and possibly living beyond your means. Others may be able to persuade you to do dumb things…

You dive headfirst into relationships but they may burn out quickly when you get bored. Your friends find you truthful, open, generous, and exciting as you search for novel activities that stimulate all the senses. Your contagious enthusiasm for life takes everyone along for the ride!

From the books…

This description certainly matches Xay as a child, but he lost some of his zest for life while living in Arizona, and became bitter. He’s still trying to get that back. He absolutely loves performing on stage and knows how to win over any audience with his charm and generosity. 

Xay Morant
Jessica Palermo

The other characters with this personality type are only in a few scenes. Jessica and Heather are vivacious risk-takers, more interested in living in the moment than contemplating the consequences. Both are immature versions of ESFPs, given their age, and like Xay they’ll be at loggerheads with the realities of life at times.

Nessie hasn’t expressed her personality overtly, but she loves adventure and takes care of her friends.

In the next post we’ll look at the four Sentinel personality types.

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