Analysts: Wynter Wild Characters

Part of a series looking at the personality types of the main and secondary Wynter Wild book characters. Take the test at and see which character matches you. Also read the introductory post.

The four Analyst personalities are the intuitive thinkers.

ENTP: Debater

Because he is so unique and I didn’t have the energy to write more than one character with this personality type, the only Debater (also called the Visionary) in the books is:

Jesse Fairn

Frequency in population: rare

Biggest fear: Being controlled

Biggest weakness: Insensitive


You are creative, resourceful, and intellectual with a broad range of skills and hobbies. You are friendly, witty, and charming, but also outspoken and argumentative – whether to win an argument or just for fun! You understand abstract concepts, explore problems from multiple angles, and use logic to find solutions.

New projects excite you so much that you tend to ignore the more routine aspects of life, as well as break every rule and avoid long-term plans. While you’re full of amazing original ideas, you may lack the practical skills and patience to complete a project because you’re easily distractible.

You are unrelentingly honest, and intolerant of those who can’t back up their ideas with facts. This disregard for others’ feelings can come across as narcissistic and lead to burned bridges.

Jesse Fairn

From the books…

Jesse is definitely one of a kind. In the wrong company he’s probably insufferable at times. He gets along best with like-minded people with thickish skins, those who want to explore deep ideas from creative angles. He and Indio get along well because they are both ideas people, but Indio doesn’t care for debating so at times they do frustrate each other.

For Jesse, being right isn’t about dominating another person. He just wants the truth to be set free. If he’s wrong, tell him so! He’ll fix his logic and be right next time.

Jesse Fairn

INTJ: Architect

Rosa Meyers

Also called the Scientist or the Mastermind. Characters in the books who match this personality type are:

Abner – guru of the Light

Rosa Meyers – Wynter’s foster mother

Kyle – Brodie Ingles’ bodyguard

 Egor Chekhov – Jesse’s course adviser

Frequency in population: very rare

Greatest fear: Insanity

Greatest weakness: Blunt


You’re an independent, original thinker who values knowledge and structure. You know how to turn theories into solid plans of action to improve systems and processes with innovative ideas, and with a focused strategic view on the future. 

You’re much less comfortable with the unpredictable nature of people and emotions. You may not notice details in the world around you, but live mostly in your own head, oblivious to social norms. You loathe small talk and prefer to associate with people you find intellectually stimulating.

You have high standards for your own performance and that of others, and constantly strive to improve your own competence.

To others you appear reserved, serious and self-assured, but in fact you can be quite playful and enjoy a good joke.

From the books…

Interestingly, this type is the least likely of the 16 to believe in a higher power… yet Abner made his career selling God. This really brings home the idea that he was faking it all along and simply wanted to control people like chess pieces, bringing his vision of an isolated self-sufficient enclave to fruition and then using his followers’ fears against them. 

The quote is from Abner, and he intended it in a religious sense but it also works in an atheistic sense if you take it literally:


Rosa thinks she’s a good foster mother because she has the requisite qualifications, but she lacks the warmth and tolerance to be adequate at the job. She sees children as problems to be solved.

Kyle and Egor are non-sinister examples of this type. Egor’s career hinges on his intellectual curiosity. Laconic Kyle works in security while keeping his mind stimulated by reading philosophy.

INTP: Logician

Not to be confused with ISTJ Logistician. INTP is all about logic not logistics, and may also be called the Thinker. These characters fit this personality type:

Roman Lear

Roman Lear – Xay’s childhood friend

Charlie Bryant – investigative journalist

Klementine Turk – Turk’s sister (never appears in the books)

Paige Palermo – third Palermo sister (age 10), keen scientist

Frequency in population: rare

Biggest fear: Rejection

Biggest weakness: Analysis paralysis


You are a logical, innovative, and objective thinker who gets excited about theories and ideas, and always has a unique perspective to offer. You value knowledge and easily pick out patterns in data, often get lost in thought, and even have debates with yourself in your head. You’re not so great with practical applications of all this knowledge.

Because of your quiet, reserved personality you appear unconventional to others, and you’re hard to get to know well. But you light up when you find someone to bounce ideas off. You want to know all about the universe, yet human nature may baffle you.

You are highly individualistic with no interest in leading or following others. In relationships you are detached at first but have a playful side, although romantic gestures aren’t important. You don’t play games or filter your opinions, and you desire an equally open and honest partner.

In the books…

In flashbacks, we see Roman desperate to understand the universe, open to any ideas about its nature, even spiritual ideas. Without the benefit of an education or a mentor, he confuses himself frequently but can’t resist the quest. He has an offbeat personality, and as we can see from the way his story unfolds he isn’t interested in a leadership role and fails to follow as well.

Roman Lear
Charlie Bryant

Charlie has doggedly pursued stories about the Light for many years, digging around for the facts without malice. He jokes about romance but did give his sweetheart candy for Valentines – yet without a sappy note attached. On his trip to Europe, his sweetheart may need to encourage his romantic gestures because otherwise he might get lost in the history of the place.

Klem is never on the page but Indio is forced to talk about her to Jesse. Indio considers her studious without being overly serious, blunt,confident, and a little quirky and decides she and Jesse must never meet because Jesse is sure to make a move on her.

Paige is Jesse’s favorite little cousin. Note that these two only have one letter different in their personality types (INTP vs ENTP) – she is the introverted version of him, although personality theory makes their differences a bit more complex than that. Like Jesse and Roman, she is keen to explore the world and is probably seen as a rather detached or odd by her peers.

ENTJ: Commander

Miriam Wild

Characters in the books who match this personality type are:

Miriam Wild – mother of the Fairn boys and Wynter

Turk – guitarist for Blunderbelly, Indio’s best friend

Frequency in population: very rare

Greatest fear: Mediocrity

Greatest weakness: Arrogance


You are strong-willed, inspiring, hard working, and driven to lead with charisma and a clear vision of the future. Being intelligent and well informed, you have a talent for solving organizational problems in a logical manner. You have little patience for inefficiency or incompetence.

Your blunt, decisive, even ruthless manner may come across as a lack of empathy, as you’re less interested in emotions than in practical results. 

You want the world to run more smoothly, you’re ambitious at work, and you also want meaningful relationships with your family and many friends, and personal growth – there’s so much going on, you may end up making promises you can’t keep. But you love the challenge! To others you appear larger than life.

From the books…

Miriam‘s personality type explains how she draws followers around her with inspiration and vision. She seeks power over others for its own sake, even if she started out a “true believer”. And clearly she’s had a problem with empathy and arrogance all her life.

Miriam Wild
Anze Turk

We don’t get to know Anze Turk well, but I think he is the driving force behind Blunderbelly. He had the vision to put the band together and to hold it together after Indio leaves. He was probably the one booking gigs, controlling their musical direction, and giving pep talks when things went wrong.

In the next post we’ll look at the four Explorer personality types.

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