Winding back the years

L’il Jesse searching for “tod-pals”

I’m writing some short stories about the Fairn brothers when they were little – it’s quite a challenge writing from childrens’ perspectives, starting with Caleb and Indio when they’re 9 and 7 respectively. Even more of a challenge is thinking up book titles! The Wynter Wild series titles more or less suggested themselves once I decided on a musical theme.

The first “Fairn Boys” story (as yet untitled) takes place the summer their mother leaves with Joy, and they have to deal with living with their father Harry for the first time. And, of course, Harry has to figure out how to deal with them. Caleb is learning how much, or how little, he can rely on his father. Indio is missing his mother and his twin, living on hope that they’ll be back soon. And little Jesse (age 3) has his own unique perspective on life and isn’t afraid to talk about it!

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