Sentinels: Wynter Wild Characters

Part of a series looking at the personality types of the main and secondary Wynter Wild book characters. Take the test at and see which character matches you. Also read the introductory post.

The four Sentinel personalities are the observant judgers.

ISTJ: Logistician

Also called the Inspector, this type is manifested in three characters from the Wynter Wild series:


Caleb Fairn

Katrina Heathcote Brown – Patricia’s younger sister

Eliza – keyboardist from the Mail Order Chicks

Frequency in population: common

Biggest fear: Crowds

Biggest weakness: Stubbornness


You are dependable, responsible and serious, and you desire a secure peaceful life. You have a tireless dedication to duty, upholding traditions and standards.

You’re hardworking and take pride in your accomplishments. You triple-check your facts rather than make assumptions, then take a no-nonsense approach to complete any task in a decisive, organized, and efficient manner.

Your integrity is unmatched. Your independence means you hate being forced to rely on others. You will stick to your word and get the job done, regardless of personal cost, and you abhor laziness, dishonesty, and rule-breaking. 

Your direct approach can make you seem cold, but you express yourself in relationships by being a thoroughly dependable partner and friend.

From the books…

There’s no doubt Caleb slots right into this type. It’s been rewarding for me to write how he matures and changes through the books, his “robotic” (according to Jesse) edges being softened by his relationships with Wynter, Theo, and now Kim. He did make a serious misstep, but he can once again be counted on to be the cornerstone of the family.

Caleb Fairn
Katrina Heathcote-Brown

I feel this personality also suits Aunt Katrina‘s quiet, dependable, emotionally subdued nature. She is certainly traditional in her thinking, but probably hasn’t needed to develop her practical skills (given her privileged upbringing). She and Caleb did not agree on her solution to retrieve Theo, so it seems she’s more easily persuaded to act against her own integrity – or she was able to justify it.

Eliza is a minor character so we don’t know much, but we see she’s always rather serious. Remember how she freaked out when Indio joked about not knowing the songs they had to perform? Being unprepared is her worst nightmare. She helped Dusk cheat on Jesse, but I think Dusk probably spun her a yarn about having an “open relationship”, which made it morally acceptable to Eliza.

ISFJ: Defender

Also called the Nurturer or the Protector. Characters in the books who match this personality type are:

Joy Fairn

Joy Fairn

Ethan Burke – bass player for the Clockwork Toys

Sean Delaney – Joy’s husband

Meisa  – bass player for the Mail Order Chicks

Lexie – Harry’s dog

Frequency in population: very common

Greatest fear: Harm to family

Greatest weakness: Being taken advantage of


You are a dependable, perceptive, and compassionate caretaker, well grounded in reality, with traditional views of society. You value security and peace, and have a deep sense of responsibility toward others.

You work hard and within the rules to keep others happy, but sometimes don’t speak up in support of your own beliefs, taking things too personally or repressing your feelings. You are humble and dislike attention, often working behind the scenes to meticulously get the job done.

You value your relationships, although you seem reserved to others at first. You’re able to remember all kinds of details they tell you about their lives, and you’re an excellent gift-giver. Your imagination means you can easily empathize with others.

From the books…

Joy and her husband Sean are both Defenders, and while both have been twisted by the Light it’s clear Sean is slightly more healthy. He is easily manipulated into “doing the right thing” even though it puts him in jail, but he also does what he thinks is best to protect his son. 

Sean Delaney
Ethan Burke

Joy has very limited options throughout her life and is caught between helping Wynter but also disappointing herself and her mother by breaking the rules.

From what we know about Ethan, this personality type seems to fit him best. He certainly defends Wynter when the need arises!

ESTJ: Executive

Also called the Guardian. Several secondary characters in the books match this personality type:

Luke Casiano

Luke Casiano – security officer and family friend

Bea Hayes – Caleb’s girlfriend in books 1 to 3

Shelley Lysterfield – Rule212’s booking agent

Claire – Indio’s girlfriend in London, a school teacher

Greg – Xay’s best friend in Sacramento

Lia – Turk’s older sister, vet

Frequency in population: quite common

Biggest fear: Incompetence

Biggest weakness: Bossiness


You are practical, often athletic, and organized. You value good citizenship, security, and peaceful living. You have a clear visions of how things should be when it comes to family, community, and tradition.

You are not interested in theory unless there’s a practical application. Sometimes you think you know best and aren’t open to constructive criticism.

You’re loyal, hard-working, and like to be in charge (both in relationships and in running activities). You work hard to bring people together, lead by example and persuasion, and hate laziness and cheating.

From the books…

Bea Hayes

Does it seem odd that Bea and Luke have the seem type? I wouldn’t have picked it. Both certainly do value good citizenship and are practical-minded and traditional. 

Bea‘s opportunity to express her talents have probably been cut short by the demands of being a single mother – but I can see her volunteering for the PTA and organizing the perfect bake sale. 

Luke is in the Army Reserves, though we never see him there, and he literally works in security – so I think this type suits him well. Asking him to go against his ethical values (by kidnapping a baby, for example) is devastating to him. He’s not easily manipulated, of course. Wynter is something of a weak spot…

Luke Casiano
Shelley Lysterfield

The other characters mentioned here have minor roles in the books. Shelley is of course an assertive organizer. 

Lia strikes me as in control of her life and her younger brother when it comes to the kitten situation.

Claire is described by Jesse as “scary”, meaning she is confident and again assertive, and Indio probably admires her stability and her traditional “normal, totally boring family”.

Greg is in Xay’s band (the Dire Dunnies) and comes across as the leader of the group, organizing Xay to come to San Francisco and providing a blind date, for example.

ESFJ: Consul

Also called the Caregiver or the Provider. Lots of characters fall into this personality type, which is the second most common in a real life population:

Patricla Brown

Kim Metez – A&R consultant, Caleb’s girlfriend

Patricia Brown – runs a diner, aunt

Crusoe – bass player for Feckless, family friend

Roxy – Xay’s girlfriend in Sacramento

Scott – audio engineer, Jesse’s friend, Wynter’s date

Beck Clifton – drummer for Crunch, Wynter’s high school friend

Beck Clifton

Madeline – Wynter’s foster sister

Frequency in population: very common

Greatest fear: Abandonment

Greatest weakness: Judgmental


You are warm-hearted and popular, responsible, conscientious, and duty-bound. You put others’ needs above your own, and you’re a great listener and comforter. 

Positive reinforcement, especially regarding your social standing, boosts your self-esteem, which may lead to caring too much for the opinions of others. You have a need to be accepted. Family and friends are your top priority.

You use your practical and organizational skills to help others, even at the expense of suppressing your own needs and emotions. You have a strict and traditional moral code and demand the same in others, as you feel it’s the best way to create harmony and cooperation.

Kim Metez

From the books…

It wasn’t my intention to make Kim and Patricia the same “type” but that seems to be the case.

Kim‘s job is to look after artists’ careers – she’s a business woman but is warm toward her clients. Patricia‘s job is to take care of hungry folk, and of course she’s provided comfort for the Fairn boys since she met them. Both women are highly organized, kind, and fairly traditional.

Patricia Brown
Crusoe Alvarez

Crusoe struck me as a “feeling” type the first time we really got to know him, when the band stayed at his home and we learned about his past. He’s emotionally aware and absolutely dependable.

And Scott is the quintessential “nice guy”, sensitive to others’ feelings, and going above and beyond to help the family in their music career.

Beck sets aside his drumsticks and studies Nursing, which I’m sure brings out his caring side. He’s an underdeveloped person in high school and has had a tough life – hopefully he can pull things together.


Xay was attracted to Roxy‘s caring attitude at a time he needed it the most. Those two have only the last letter different – both are extroverted feelers who are very in touch with their environment. Roxy is more concerned with social dynamics and sticking with what she knows, whereas Xay is all about positive novel experiences and expressing his emotions.

We didn’t seem much of Madeline, and again she had a terrible life, but she tried her best to support Wynter. I can see her thrive in a caring profession (medical or social) but we may never know.

In the last post we’ll look at the four Diplomat personality types.

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