Diplomats: Wynter Wild Characters

Part of a series looking at the personality types of the main and secondary Wynter Wild book characters. Take the test at 16personalities.com and see which character matches you. Also read the introductory post.

The four Diplomat personalities are the intuitive feelers.

INFJ: Advocate

Also called the Protector or the Counselor. The only character in the series with this personality type is:

Indio Fairn

Indio Fairn

Frequency in population: very rare

Greatest fear: Humanity’s potential for evil

Greatest weakness: Perfectionist


You are highly intuitive about people’s emotions and motivations. While you appear reserved and calm, you can speak with passion and conviction when your deeply considered, idealistic values are threatened. However, you don’t seek conflict as it causes stress.

You don’t like to lead or follow – you’re individualistic, tenacious, and very private. However, you desire authentic connections with a select few people you can trust.

You’re not as inwardly serious as you appear to be from the outside – you have a colorful and mischievous inner world, and love playing with ideas, symbols, and metaphors.

From the books…

At the start of the series, Indio is an “unhealthy” INFJ, which means he is emotionally even more closed off, indulges in self-destructive behaviors, is stubborn, snaps in anger, and can’t handle criticism. His natural intuition and desire to connect emerge gradually as he reintegrates into his family. 

Given I have the same personality type as Indio, I tend to feel that when he says something insightful, the reader can assume it’s probably true. (I mean, the author is supposed to have God-like knowledge of her world, right?) He does have blind spots due to lingering resentment (with Caleb, and later with Xay) but generally his intuition doesn’t fail him.

Indio Fairn

INFP: Mediator

Also called the Healer or Idealist. Characters in the books who match this personality type are:

Jenny Leung

Jenny Leung – music teacher, college student, Indio’s girlfriend

Eric – Wynter’s first boyfriend in high school

Ripley – Wynter’s goat

Frequency in population: slightly uncommon

Biggest fear: Not living up to their ideals

Biggest weakness: Desperate to please


You are quiet, compassionate, and reflective, with a rich inner life, great imagination, and quick intelligence. You express yourself with artistic endeavors such as writing, music, or art.

You have have a strongly-held value system, great empathy, and want to understand and help people with generosity and tolerance. You may feel lonely or directionless until you find your purpose in life – and then you become passionate about it. You may also be overly sensitive to criticism and feel misunderstood.

You believe in true love and may have too high expectations for a perfect relationship. With the right person, you’re loyal and devoted to the extent you may forget to take care of your own needs. You prefer a small circle of friends you can truly take care of.

From the books…


Jenny and Eric are both quiet, kind, ethical people who devote themselves to their relationships. Unfortunately, they got more than they bargained for when they tangled themselves up in Wynter’s family. 

I never thought of Eric (the generic wizard) as someone who expresses himself artistically, but I do think he has a rich inner life and maybe a stash of favorite novels alongside his text books.

 Jenny may have compromised her ideals going for the “safe guy” although we don’t know if that lasted. In all her relationships she is looking for a soul-deep connection that lives up to her fantasies.

Jenny Leung

As for Ripley… I don’t know if personality tests work on goats, but I felt she belonged in this group. 

ENFJ: Protagonist

Also called the Giver or the Teacher. A couple of minor characters match this rare personality type in the series:

Anita Green

Anita Green – Caleb’s high school girlfriend, Wynter’s counselor

Svetlana – Wynter’s second social worker

Frequency in population: Very rare

Greatest fear: Being alone

Greatest weakness: Overly idealistic


You’re warm, talkative, persuasive, and popular, with outstanding people skills. You care about how others think and feel, can easily read their emotions, and can effectively manage them as a charismatic leader. You want to make the world a better place by helping people reach their full potential.

You may be so eager to meet new people, you forget about making deeper connections. Your persuasive skills may lead you to become pushy or controlling, as your self-esteem is tied up with what others think of you.

You tend to be optimistic and energetic. You enjoy your friendships and other relationships, and are happiest when others are happy. 

In the books…

Anita is Wynter’s caring, persuasive school counselor, as well as being the first girl to capture Caleb’s heart back in high school. She manages to keep her head and overcome the temptation to rekindle that romance, but is it possible she could’ve been a good match for him?

Anita Green

Svetlana has a small role in book 3. Unlike Tina Campbell (Wynter’s first social worker), Svetlana’s approach is more altruistic and sensitive, although she’s restrained by her job description. Indio quickly figures her out, perhaps because they have similar personalities (only Extrovert/Introvert is different).

ENFP: Campaigner

Also called the Champion or Inspirer, this type is represented by several characters in the series:

Quinn Lacey

Dusk – Jesse’s girlfriend

Quinn Lacey – Wynter’s best friend

Gideon – young man from the Light (UK)

Charity Thorne – southern belle and Christian pop star

Marcus – Eric’s older brother, Jesse’s best friend

Ember Morant – Xay’s mother

Frequency in population: average

Biggest fear: Lacking meaningful relationships

Biggest weakness: Melodramatic


As a compassionate, energetic and highly independent free spirit, you love making social connections and are always looking for deeper emotional or mystical meaning in life. You are an intuitive empathetic friend, encouraging others to express their feelings and always seeing the best in people.

You dislike routine tasks and feel bored, stifled, or lose patience if you can’t use your creativity to solve problems. You’re enthusiastic about life, popular with others, and have excellent communication skills.

With all this enthusiasm, you may find it difficult to focus or to follow through. You may find yourself saying yes too often, and becoming overwhelmed and stressed, even leading to melodramatic behavior.

You value meaningful relationships, and show unshakeable devotion to those you care about.

In the books…


Interestingly, Dusk and Quinn turned out to have the same personality type – and both become fascinated by the same guy! (Not Jesse, poor boy.)

While Dusk is more interested in the mystical side of life, eager to draw those around her into that world, Quinn is a little more grounded. Quinn is the “feeling” version of Jesse’s “thinking” personality which is why they can argue on the same wavelength but from different perspectives. In the same vein, Indio and Jesse get along well despite their differences, so it’s no surprise Indio and Quinn also find common ground (both are “feelers”). Quinn has had some trouble deciding what to do with her life. When she goes into business with Wynter, I doubt she’s the one keeping the books. She wants to interact with clients and find out how to make them comfortable.

Quinn Lacey
Charity Thorne

Gideon shows himself to be rather charismatic and encouraging, but for the wrong reasons. Nevertheless, Wynter falls under his spell. Charity Thorne reels in Indio, too. Ember, who has no ulterior motives, has Xay playing along towards the end of her life. These people are lovable even when their motivations are manipulative.

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