Hi there. I’m Sara Creasy, author of the Wynter Wild series – a family drama about poor parenting, struggling siblings, pancakes, rock music, and the occasional philosophy lecture (thanks, Jesse!). My stories will make you laugh and cry, and perhaps give you a new perspective on life, love, and letting go.

Start at the beginning

Little Sister Song is a family drama about a girl from nowhere who arrives on the doorstep of her three older brothers seeking sanctuary.

Read more about the Wynter Wild series, now available from major ebook retailers. Watch for boxsets coming soon in my bookstore.

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You can now purchase my ebooks and short stories from my new bookstore on Payhip! The Wynter Wild series will be added over the next two months. Download some free short stories while you’re there.

Latest releases

Three Wynter Wild audiobooks are out now. Click to hear a sample before purchase:

Little Sister Song audiobook
Out of Tune audiobook
Rhythm & Rhyme audiobook