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I’m currently working on a couple of stories for my Wynter Wild readers: a newsletter exclusive (sign up here if you’d like to read it once it’s out) and a novella to be offered as a freebie “funnel” – which means a self-contained story aimed at new readers to introduce the world and get them excited about delving into the series as a whole. (A million-plus words is quite a commitment, I know!)

Meanwhile, the first two books in the series (Little Sister Song and Out of Tune) are free until Wednesday! Even if you’ve read them on Wattpad (where they are now removed), you might like to download them to keep for your Kindle or free Kindle app with their spiffy new covers. I do have an ulterior motive in asking my long-time readers to do this – it helps boost the books in their subcategories, which means new readers can easily find them on the Bestseller lists. Today both books are in the top 100 “Coming of Age” category, which is awesome. So please go ahead if you don’t already own them:

DOWNLOAD Little Sister Song

DOWNLOAD Out of Tune

And don’t forget to drop a rating or review on Amazon or Goodreads if you’ve enjoyed the series – thank you so much to everyone who has already done this.

New releases: Books 9 & 10 relaunched

The final two books in the Wynter Wild series are now available with their fancy new covers. Click the images below to purchase or read for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Broken Strings (Wynter Wild book 9)

Broken Strings (book 9)

Where does forgiveness begin?

A newcomer forces Wynter and her family to reassess their priorities. Meanwhile, her new bestie could be perfect for Jesse, and Xay has an opportunity to chase his rockstar dreams.

What could break the strings binding this family together?

Caleb, rock-solid, has never faltered… until now. To help him, Indio must find a way through his resentment. With Jesse hiding an impossible secret and Wynter forced into silent anguish, can they all pull together despite the pain?

The Beat Goes On (Wynter Wild book 10)

The Beat Goes On (book 10)

Strong enough?

A mountain hideaway, an eccentric medieval tower, farm animals, homegrown veggies, and music all day long… Wynter’s appearance in her brothers’ lives rocked their world.

But something is holding them back from the bright future they’ve worked so hard for.

The secret to unraveling the past lies in that off-the-grid commune in southern Arizona where, in her fourteenth year, Wynter met a free-spirited Aussie boy and his best friend, who together changed her view of the world forever…

Rule212 Rocks Seattle

Three more Wynter Wild books are now available on Amazon, free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers:

Natural Harmonics (#6)

When love makes sense…

Wynter and her brothers are ready to rock venues all over Seattle. No one can deny the natural chemistry Rule212 has on stage. Behind the scenes there’s tension brewing.

It’s not easy to work, play, and live together. Family means everything to Wynter and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep it together.

But something at the very heart of this family is ripping it apart.

No secrets or lies—it’s one of Caleb’s house rules. So why does everyone keep breaking it?

Duet (#7)

Two hearts yearning…

Wynter and Jesse set out on an adventure-filled road trip to rescue Indio from drugs and despair. Back home, Caleb resolves to take control of his family as once-close relationships deteriorate.

Meanwhile in Sacramento, Xay Morant lives with his ailing mother and a whole heap of bitterness over his year spent in the Light. He’s doing okay, all things considered.

But he’s never forgotten the girl from the ashram who used to climb through a hole in the fence in the dead of night to listen to rock songs on the radio with him…

Minor Key (#8)

Three years ago, Xay left Wynter to face the nightmare alone. She’s been searching for him ever since—and now he’s found her first.

Can he pick up the pieces of a past she’s trying to forget?

As Wynter and her brothers prepare to head off on tour with their band Rule212, tragedy strikes this already wounded family.

Where will they find healing?

Distortion is out now!

What would you say if you met the mother who abandoned you as a child?

Distortion (Wynter Wild #5) has relaunched on Kindle Unlimited!

The past taints everything.
Wynter has helped to create a safe place, an eccentric home in the mountains with her older brothers. Her music career is taking off with an overseas recording opportunity and a new all-girl rock band. She has everything she needs.
Her brothers could use some help.
Indio returns from London and there’s a room waiting for him, if he’ll take it, as well as an old flame in the wings. Caleb has a new chance at love, and Jesse continues his search for the perfect girl. Through everything, Wynter maintains her dream of making a success of their band Rule212.
Out of the blue, their mother Miriam returns.
Her years of neglect have already distorted her children’s chances for love and happiness. Does she stand any chance of reconciliation? Will Wynter and her brothers seek closure on the past, or do they want revenge?
CONTENT WARNINGS: The series includes or refers to: child abuse, drug use, animal cruelty, not-very-graphic sex and violence, mental health issues, adult relationships, and messed-up feelings. Wynter does not have sexual abuse/assault in her past or her future.

The Wynter Wild series is available for purchase or free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

More Wynter Wild on Kindle Unlimited

The fourth installment of the Wynter Wild series, Lost Melodies, with its new cover, is OUT NOW on Kindle Unlimited.

For the new cover I chose the conch as a symbol of half-remembered whispers as Wynter deals with the memories of her lost sibling. And the resolution for the book takes place on a beach.

No secrets… No lies…

Wynter’s dreams are coming true: after more than a year in foster care, she finally has the home she always dreamed of when Caleb buys a ramshackle farmhouse on the mountain. Her experience of the world is growing, with Jesse to guide her at every step (even when she’d rather he didn’t). She has her first boyfriend, her first job, and a new rock band at school.

But one of her brothers is hiding a shameful secret. Just when her hopes of a united family seem possible… he’s gone. And one by one, her successes are falling apart.

Wynter feels strong enough to handle anything. So why is she retreating into fantasy?

CONTENT WARNINGS: The series includes or refers to: child abuse, drug use, animal cruelty, not-very-graphic sex and violence, mental health issues, adult relationships, and frank sexual discussion (thanks, Jesse!). Wynter does not have sexual abuse/assault in her past or her future.

Wynter Wild Relaunch Today!

Today I’ve relaunched the first three books in the Wynter Wild series with all-new covers aimed at the women’s fiction market. You can purchase the books from Amazon, or read them for free with a Kindle unlimited subscription.

Click the covers to find the books in your local Amazon marketplace:

She’s about to turn their lives upside down…

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New Release: The Beat Goes On (#10)

The final installment of the Wynter Wild series is finally available on Amazon! The quotes in the main image are from a few of my amazing Wattpad readers who stuck with me to the end. The encouragement and feedback I received on Wattpad helped carry me through to the end after I started uploading chapters there in December 2018. I’m truly grateful to every one of them.

I will shortly be removing the books from Wattpad and also from Amazon before relaunching them for Kindle Unlimited with all-new covers. Sign up to my newsletter for cover reveals and more news, including the stories I’m working on next.

Click the cover below to purchase the eBook from your regional Amazon store:

When the story is just a story

Why do we write stories anyway?

To entertain… To share our imaginations for fun… To elucidate a message about the weighty issues afflicting humanity?

Writers are frequently expected to answer with that last option. Science fiction, in particular, often uses analogies to explore current and historical human issues. On the flip side, writers may get themselves into trouble when they attempt to explore these issues (through analogy or overtly) and get things wrong.

Your kink is not my kink

Writing can be a lonely endeavor, but once the results are shared the text takes on a life of its own – it is read, absorbed, analyzed, and interpreted by readers, each one filtering the story through their own experiences and interests.

So what happens when a text is misinterpreted? What happens when the misinterpretation leads to a conclusion that the writer is perpetuating harmful stereotypes?

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Wynter Wild book 1 & 2 available now for review

If you haven’t yet started reading the Wynter Wild series, or you’d just like a nice ebook version to own, I’ve organized a couple of giveaways for the first two books. Please, if you do take advantage of the freebies, consider writing an honest review at Goodreads or Amazon to help others discover the series (or just drop a rating). I truly appreciate every review and rating, and this is the best way to support indie authors like me.

Click on the cover for the ebook you’d like to read (available free until 31 August 2021 ):

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Wynter Wild Series: Post Script

A few days ago, after four years, I completed the ten-book Wynter Wild series, uploading the final chapter of the final book (The Beat Goes On) to Wattpad. The book will be published on Amazon in a few weeks with its current YA cover, before I relaunch the entire series with new covers.

If you’ve been following along – thank you for reading! Newsletter subscribers get access to a second epilogue to the final book. If you haven’t yet subscribed you can do so here, and I’ll send you the link to that epilogue. Subscribers will also get exclusive stories and sneak peeks of my future work, much of which is set in the same “universe” including prequels and sequels.

If you’ve read the entire series, that’s 1,288,103 words (approximately) of Wynter’s story. A staggering figure that I can hardly believe, especially considering I wrote many thousands more words that never made it into the books. So many subplots I had to cut, especially as the final book grew longer and longer. I may include some of that material in later sequels (most likely short stories).

My first priority is a set of prequel short stories or novellas about the Fairn brothers growing up with their mother, and then their father, showing how these three boys developed into the characters we first met in Little Sister Song. I (or rather, they) referred to many incidents from their childhood, so I’m looking through those now for story ideas.

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