Wynter Wild Wiki is live

Introducing the Wynter Wild Wiki!┬áThis project was suggested to me by a friend and reader who is helping write and administrate it, and appeals to my natural inclination to keep things orderly. Take a look around! This is a community project – anyone can edit or add pages after reading the “Guidelines” – which areContinue reading “Wynter Wild Wiki is live”

New Release: Distortion (Wynter Wild Book 5) in paperback

The fifth book in the Wynter Wild series, Distortion, is out now in paperback! In this book, Wynter puts together her first all-girl (well, not quite) band. While she’d love to be playing just about every song with the amp turned to 11 to maximize distortion, the Mail Order Chicks play mostly 80s and 90sContinue reading “New Release: Distortion (Wynter Wild Book 5) in paperback”

Wynter Wild Inspiration playlist

Little Sister Song on Wattpad has just hit 150,000 reads since I started publishing it in December 2018 – beyond my wildest expectations! I’ll be posting a few blogs to celebrate. I don’t often listen to music while writing (especially not songs with lyrics) but when I’m plotting, or playing out scenes in my headContinue reading “Wynter Wild Inspiration playlist”

Tiger Mountain House – updated

I’ve updated the digital composite picture I made of Wynter’s home on Tiger Mountain. This one adds the garage and improves the driveway. On the left is the concrete area used as a basketball court. The goat pen, veggie patches, and “Wynter’s garden” with the stone wall are hidden by the main house.

Xay: Personality Type

The youngest brother in the Fairn family is Xay, and today I’m looking at his personality type according to the Myers-Briggs definition. The other characters are explored here: Jesse Wynter Caleb Indio We haven’t gotten to know Xay too well yet, but he has some distinctive characterstics that set him apart from his brothers. (NoteContinue reading “Xay: Personality Type”

Indio: Personality Type

Number two brother in the Fairn family is Indio. I’m looking at his Myers-Briggs personality type as part of this blog series on my Wynter Wild book characters – read about the other siblings here: Jesse Wynter Caleb Xay There may be minor spoilers for books 1-8. Indio: “the advocate” Indio is INFJ, which isContinue reading “Indio: Personality Type”

Caleb: Personality Type

Caleb is next up in my character analysis based on the Myers-Briggs personality types. Read about: Jesse Wynter Indio Xay A reminder that there may be minor spoilers for books 1-8. Caleb: the “logisitian” I wrote Caleb as an honest straightforward guy who took on responsibility beyond his years out of duty to his brothers.Continue reading “Caleb: Personality Type”

Wynter: Personality Type

As part of my deep-dive into my characters’ personality types, today I’m looking at Wynter. Read about: Jesse Caleb Indio Xay A reminder that there may be minor spoilers for books 1-8. Wynter: the “artist” Wynter’s MBTI personality type is ISFP – the “artist”, the “free spirit”, or the “adventurer” according to 16Personalities. I preferContinue reading “Wynter: Personality Type”