Caleb’s house in Seattle + Caravan (The Sims 3)

As well as making the Tiger Mountain home in The Sims 3, I also made Caleb’s house in Seattle – the house where Wynter shows up on the doorstep one cold January afternoon. This one was a lot simpler to build, and currently my Sims family is living there.

Exterior shot, showing the porch, adjoining garage, kitchen on the left of the front door, and dining room on the right:

Dining room with Jesse’s homework spread out. The door leads into the garage:

View from the living room into the kitchen. On the far left is the entry hall:

Living room from a different angle, with Indio and Wynter playing video games. The door on the far right of the picture leads to the bedrooms:

The first bedroom on the left is Wynter’s small room (formerly Indio’s, and she didn’t redecorate). The bathroom is opposite her room:

At the end of the corridor is Caleb’s bedroom (he’s relaxing on his bed today):

Beyond the stairs to the basement is Jesse’s room – he’s doing some tough calculations on his computer. The wall on the left containing the built-in-closet (backing onto Caleb’s built-in-closet) is removed here.

Jesse’s room from the opposite side (he didn’t make his bed):

As a bonus, here are a few views of the camper trailer (or what I call a caravan) that lives in the field at the Tiger Mountain home. Indio renovated the trailer to make it livable (although it doesn’t have a stove or shower), and it will feature in book 9 for a whole new reason.

The Sims doesn’t have the means to make an actual caravan, so this is more of a shack. Imagine it with curved corners and appropriate doors and windows…

Deck out the front. Left of the front door is a half-bath (toilet and basin):

A view looking toward the bed area (behind the curtained archway). On the right is the kitchenette:

View from the same position, looking left at the fridge, cabinet, table, and chairs:

Looking back from the bed alcove toward the kitchenette and front door (I removed the arch and curtains):

Plan view:

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