Indio: Personality Type

Number two brother in the Fairn family is Indio. I’m looking at his Myers-Briggs personality type as part of this blog series on my Wynter Wild book characters – read about the other siblings here: Jesse Wynter Caleb Xay There may be minor spoilers for books 1-8. Indio: “the advocate” Indio is INFJ, which isContinue reading “Indio: Personality Type”

Caleb: Personality Type

Caleb is next up in my character analysis based on the Myers-Briggs personality types. Read about: Jesse Wynter Indio Xay A reminder that there may be minor spoilers for books 1-8. Caleb: the “logisitian” I wrote Caleb as an honest straightforward guy who took on responsibility beyond his years out of duty to his brothers.Continue reading “Caleb: Personality Type”

Wynter: Personality Type

As part of my deep-dive into my characters’ personality types, today I’m looking at Wynter. Read about: Jesse Caleb Indio Xay A reminder that there may be minor spoilers for books 1-8. Wynter: the “artist” Wynter’s MBTI personality type is ISFP – the “artist”, the “free spirit”, or the “adventurer” according to 16Personalities. I preferContinue reading “Wynter: Personality Type”

Jesse: Personality Type

This will be the first in a series looking at the personality types of the characters in the Wynter Wild series, comparing them to each other, and discussing character pairings – meaning how they interact with each other (in both positive and negative ways). I’ll focus mostly on the siblings (Caleb, Indio, Jesse, Xay, Wynter),Continue reading “Jesse: Personality Type”

The Fairn Boys’ Motorcycles

Wynter’s brothers each ride a different motorcycle. I know nothing about motorcycles, except what it feels like to ride on the back of Caleb’s bike because my husband owned it, back in Arizona. Caleb’s bike is the 1985 Honda V65 Magna. It was manufactured for a few years during the mid 80s, and as theContinue reading “The Fairn Boys’ Motorcycles”

My book characters collect Pins

A long time ago I created a Pinterest site for the Wynter Wild series, when I was researching ideas for their new home. It’s since expanded into individual boards for each of the main characters – not that I can imagine any but Wynter actually using Pinterest. So far I’ve made the following boards: Caleb’s HouseContinue reading “My book characters collect Pins”

Pure emotion songs

I know, I know, you disagree! Maybe with all five. But don’t blame me. These are Indio’s “pure emotion” songs, meaning, according to him, they bypass the cerebral cortex and drive directly into the brainstem. The list is guitar-heavy because he’s guitar-heavy. These songs aren’t my “songlist” for writing to—I prefer instrumental music for that.Continue reading “Pure emotion songs”

Personality Typing for Made-Up People

I became fascinated by personality typing years ago. I see personality typing as a model of actual humans, meaning it’s a structure we’ve imposed on the messy natural world in order to understand it, rather than a real thing. For this reason, I think it probably works better on fictional characterization than actual humans. InContinue reading “Personality Typing for Made-Up People”