What Do They Really Look Like?

After a bit of fun making avatars of my characters, I’ve moved on to Artbreeder. All I can say is… wow! “Real” people that don’t exist!  One use for Artbreeder is to “breed” any two images together (such as a cat and an octopus, which was the first thing my daughter did). So you couldContinue reading “What Do They Really Look Like?”

The House on Tiger Mountain – plan view

If you’re reading book 4 Lost Melodies on Wattpad right now, I created a plan of the old farmhouse that the family buys in Washington state. My previous post showed the front view. So, below is the plan with the room assignment when they first move in (it changes over time, and the furniture isn’tContinue reading “The House on Tiger Mountain – plan view”

The House on Tiger Mountain

My book family buys a run-down old farmhouse at the end of book 3 (Rhythm & Rhyme) on Tiger Mountain, east of Seattle. It’s on five acres of land backing on to a state forest, and is hidden behind a stone wall. This house becomes a character in its own right in the series, soContinue reading “The House on Tiger Mountain”