The House on Tiger Mountain – plan view

If you’re reading book 4 Lost Melodies on Wattpad right now, I created a plan of the old farmhouse that the family buys in Washington state. My previous post showed the front view.

So, below is the plan with the room assignment when they first move in (it changes over time, and the furniture isn’t accurate – e.g. some bedrooms are “junk rooms” rather than having beds in them).

Shown here is the first floor (what we call the “ground floor” in the UK and Australia) of the house on the right, with the basement on the left slotting underneath, and the second floor on the left fitting directly on top.

This gives you an idea of what the deck looks like, as it wasn’t visible in the front-view image in the previous post.

Plan view

When they first move in, Caleb has the master bedroom, Wynter has bed 2, and Jesse is downstairs in bed 5. And the basement is unfinished — so this shows what it will look like when they’ve turned it into a recording studio and rehearsal space.

Here are the rooms labelled for the start of the book:

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