Cover Reveal! Book 7 Duet

I asked my wonderful Wattpad readers to vote on one of two covers for Duet (Wynter Wild #7) (same model, different poses). This one won, so here is the finalized book 7 cover!

Wynter is now fully in the swing of playing live gigs around Seattle, and sometimes farther afield. She lives for that hour on stage, a bubble of music shared with her brothers while the audience clamors for more. Offstage, things aren’t running quite as smoothly.

Naming Characters

Today I’m trawling baby naming sites to come with a new character name. I’ve accumulated quite a number of characters in my 10-book series, so any time I add in a new character (or decide to change an existing character’s name) it becomes a bit of a drama to find something that isn’t too similar to a name I’ve used before.

I keep a list of every named character, along with a brief description, if given (I tend not to over-describe them), and when they were first introduced. Currently the list has grown to over 300 names. Many of these are obviously minor characters or even off-hand references to people who never appear on-screen, but I’ve tried nevertheless to keep the names distinct.

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My book characters collect Pins

A long time ago I created a Pinterest site for the Wynter Wild series, when I was researching ideas for their new home.

It’s since expanded into individual boards for each of the main characters – not that I can imagine any but Wynter actually using Pinterest.

So far I’ve made the following boards:

  • Caleb’s House Rules
  • Tiger Mountain House
  • Wynter Likes…
  • Jesse Likes…
  • Indio Likes…
  • Caleb Likes…
  • Toys & Pets
  • Rule212
  • Things From the Light

You can follow my profile (or individual boards) to keep up-to-date as I add pins to keep pace with the series plots.

Distortion Book 5 is OUT NOW

Distortion is Book 5 in the Wynter Wild series, and it’s out now on Amazon!

If you’re enjoying the series, please don’t forget to rate and review it on Amazon or on Goodreads.

Wynter has helped to create a safe place, an eccentric home in the mountain with her older brothers. Her music career is taking off with an overseas recording opportunity and a new all-girl rock band.

She has everything she needs, but her brothers could use some help. Indio returns from London and there’s a room waiting for him, if he’ll take it, as well as an old flame in the wings. Caleb has a new chance at love, and Jesse continues his search for the perfect girl. Through everything, Wynter maintains her dream of making a success of their band Rule212.

Out of the blue, their mother Miriam returns. Her years of neglect have already distorted her children’s chances for love and happiness. Does she stand any chance of reconciliation? Will Wynter and her brothers seek closure on the past, or do they want revenge?

Social media for my book characters??!

So I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while because it amuses me…

My book characters got Instagram accounts!


It’s mostly just the three of them talking to each other in comments, but feel free to follow and say hi. They don’t know they’re book characters, so they can’t see comments that break the fourth wall. Don’t go dropping spoilers or asking them what it’s like to be a book character, for example.

Also Caleb, although he refused to get a personal account so it’s for band news.

Cover reveal! Book 6 Natural Harmonics

I recently updated all my covers to use a friendlier font and to add the series name and number, which is important because the books need to be read in order. On Wattpad I just posted the book 6 cover — the book is called Natural Harmonics and is premised on Wynter’s band, Rule212, as they begin the play live around Seattle and garner a fanbase.

Like my other titles, there is a double meaning to this one which becomes apparent as you read the book.

Natural Harmonics will be on Wattpad in a few weeks. I also plan to release Distortion (book 5) as an ebook soon, and books 2 and 3 as paperbacks.

Wynter Wild Books Spotify Playlist

In no particular order, these are the songs mentioned, or played in some form, in books 1-4 of my Wynter Wild series. I’ll be making more playlists in the future to give you an idea of what the various bands in the book sound like. Click the button at the end for the Spotify playlist.

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The majority of these songs are classics because, as Indio says, no one’s playing rock n’ roll anymore…

A few notes about where the songs appear:

  • Indio gave Jenny the sheet music to The Devil Went Down to Georgia for her birthday.
  • The Clockwork Toys play I Want to Hold Your Hand at the retirement home, and Sweet Child O’ Mine for their graduation concert audition. For the concert itself they play I Love Rock n’ Roll and When I Come Around.
  • Black Dog is Wynter’s favorite Led Zeppelin song, and When the Levee Breaks is Indio’s ringtone.
  • Harry listens to the jazz classic Freddie Freeloader at his wedding.
  • Here Comes the Sun is the first song Caleb and Wynter sing together. The twins sang Octopus’s Garden at their kindergarden concert.
  • I Miss the Misery is Maggie’s audition song in book 4.
  • Wynter and Jesse listen to Storybook Love while she’s undertaking her “protest” in book 2.

Many of the remaining songs are ones that Wynter and the Fairn Boys play in the jamroom.

The House on Tiger Mountain – plan view

If you’re reading book 4 Lost Melodies on Wattpad right now, I created a plan of the old farmhouse that the family buys in Washington state. My previous post showed the front view.

So, below is the plan with the room assignment when they first move in (it changes over time, and the furniture isn’t accurate – e.g. some bedrooms are “junk rooms” rather than having beds in them).

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The House on Tiger Mountain

My book family buys a run-down old farmhouse at the end of book 3 (Rhythm & Rhyme) on Tiger Mountain, east of Seattle. It’s on five acres of land backing on to a state forest, and is hidden behind a stone wall.

This house becomes a character in its own right in the series, so I spent some time imagining it, drawing the plans, and eventually mocking up a view from the front. The house is eccentric, which in this case is another way of saying *ugly*, built in stages over the years.

I think I have a slight obsession with houses. We grew up with huge drawerfuls of Lego, and all I ever made with Lego was houses. I didn’t play with the houses. I just made them. The three most fun parts about making Lego houses were:

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Little Sister Song – paperback edition

If you like the feel of a book in your hand… Little Sister Song is now available as a paperback edition! Click the button at the end to purchase.

Unfortunately, Amazon Australia doesn’t offer this service so my Aussie readers will have to order from Amazon US and pay shipping. Even I wasn’t able to order a proof copy, so please let me know if you do order the book and discover something horribly wrong with it!

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