Wynter Wild Books Spotify Playlist

In no particular order, these are the songs mentioned, or played in some form, in books 1-4 of my Wynter Wild series. I’ll be making more playlists in the future to give you an idea of what the various bands in the book sound like. Click the button at the end for the Spotify playlist.

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The majority of these songs are classics because, as Indio says, no one’s playing rock n’ roll anymore…

A few notes about where the songs appear:

  • Indio gave Jenny the sheet music to The Devil Went Down to Georgia for her birthday.
  • The Clockwork Toys play I Want to Hold Your Hand at the retirement home, and Sweet Child O’ Mine for their graduation concert audition. For the concert itself they play I Love Rock n’ Roll and When I Come Around.
  • Black Dog is Wynter’s favorite Led Zeppelin song, and When the Levee Breaks is Indio’s ringtone.
  • Harry listens to the jazz classic Freddie Freeloader at his wedding.
  • Here Comes the Sun is the first song Caleb and Wynter sing together. The twins sang Octopus’s Garden at their kindergarden concert.
  • I Miss the Misery is Maggie’s audition song in book 4.
  • Wynter and Jesse listen to Storybook Love while she’s undertaking her “protest” in book 2.

Many of the remaining songs are ones that Wynter and the Fairn Boys play in the jamroom.

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