A Christmas Story Exclusive

Same family, new story!

“Twelve Day of Jessemas” is a Christmas story that takes place a few months after the Wynter Wild series ends… so there’s spoilers galore, although the focus is on the days leading up to Christmas rather than all the subplots of the last book.

Christmas is Jesse’s thing. Over the past four years it’s become Wynter’s thing, too. But these two siblings are growing up and growing apart. What happens when Jesse gets a better offer and decides not to come home for Christmas this year?

The story is exclusive to my newsletter subscribers for a limited time.

Right now I’m working on a series of prequels about the younger Fairn brothers (Caleb, Indio & Jesse) as well as a bridging stories that follow on from book 10 (The Beat Goes On).

Meanwhile, don’t forget that all ten books in the main series are now available on Kindle Unlimited as well as for purchase from Amazon. If you’ve enjoyed the books, please consider dropping a rating or review on Goodreads or Amazon.

Hope everyone is having a rewarding holiday season. See you in the new year…

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