Two free books

I’m currently working on a couple of stories for my Wynter Wild readers: a newsletter exclusive (sign up here if you’d like to read it once it’s out) and a novella to be offered as a freebie “funnel” – which means a self-contained story aimed at new readers to introduce the world and get them excited about delving into the series as a whole. (A million-plus words is quite a commitment, I know!)

Meanwhile, the first two books in the series (Little Sister Song and Out of Tune) are free until Wednesday! Even if you’ve read them on Wattpad (where they are now removed), you might like to download them to keep for your Kindle or free Kindle app with their spiffy new covers. I do have an ulterior motive in asking my long-time readers to do this – it helps boost the books in their subcategories, which means new readers can easily find them on the Bestseller lists. Today both books are in the top 100 “Coming of Age” category, which is awesome. So please go ahead if you don’t already own them:

DOWNLOAD Little Sister Song

DOWNLOAD Out of Tune

And don’t forget to drop a rating or review on Amazon or Goodreads if you’ve enjoyed the series – thank you so much to everyone who has already done this.

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