The Shed

Probably the most bizarre little art project I’ve ever done… It’s the shed!

You know, the shed.

It’s mentioned in every book of the Wynter Wild series, and The Beat Goes On (book 10) there are several flashbacks to the ashram and to this sanctuary where Wynter, Xay and Roman used to meet at night, to escape their lives at the ashram.

It’s your basic metal gardening shed – in very poor condition – like this (shown in situ):

I never thought much about the size of it, although the layout inside is a pretty firm image in my head. So I decided to see how much I could fit into the smallest possible shed – the reason it’s fairly small is that the ashram doesn’t use it for anything except dumping junk, whereas a larger shed would presumably have a purpose.

I think(?) 10×7′ (3x2m) is probably big enough to have a few different areas including room for the battle bot arena, the corner “nest”,  floor space for a pretend “stage” for our wannabe rockstars to sing and dance, and room left over for junk. So, here it is!

It looks a lot neater here than reality, so imagine heaps of rusty gardening tools, leftover building materials, etc. You willl find a few details that have been, or will be, mentioned in book 10 The Beat Goes On. How many can you spot?

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