Broken Strings (Wynter Wild Book 9) is OUT NOW in paperback

Broken Strings is book 9 of the Wynter Wild series, and it’s OUT NOW in paperback.

Given the downfall of one of my (five) favorite characters, this was perhaps the hardest book to write so far. The quote on the image there is from Patricia, who senses something isn’t quite right in the Fairn household – but this is a family that keeps things “in the family”, so nobody is talking about it.

The book takes place over a few months late in the year and through Christmas – Wynter’s third on the outside. Will this finally be a good Christmas for her? She’s struggling with a medical issue that develops into a psychosomatic one, threatening her career as well has her academic plans. Xay is waiting in the wings for her, hoping to recreate the closeness they once shared.

And wasn’t there a tiny new character introduced in the last book? He has a huge impact on everyone’s lives, but can they keep him?

More family secrets come unraveled in this latest instalment of the Wynter Wild saga, and two brothers must reverse roles to face a reckoning.

Also… a puppy that looks like an Ewok!


2 thoughts on “Broken Strings (Wynter Wild Book 9) is OUT NOW in paperback

  1. I love love love these covers but you've said you're changing them! I'm collecting this set in paperback, hope to get all ten eventually.


  2. I will relaunch them as women's fiction (the present covers are more Young Adult, even though I keep saying the books are not YA). Thanks for your support!


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