Little Sister Song – paperback edition

If you like the feel of a book in your hand… Little Sister Song is now available as a paperback edition! Click the button at the end to purchase.

Unfortunately, Amazon Australia doesn’t offer this service so my Aussie readers will have to order from Amazon US and pay shipping. Even I wasn’t able to order a proof copy, so please let me know if you do order the book and discover something horribly wrong with it!

I worked for many years as an editor, helping to create books with other people’s names on the cover. I remember the thrill of receiving my box of author copies of Song of Scarabaeus and holding in my hands a book with my name on the cover.

And this time, the book with my name on the cover is one I wrote, edited, and formatted as an indie publisher!

The above 3D image was created using a free 3D book cover creator. You’ll find several options online for doing this (mine comes from Adazing)… and it allows me to make one of those lovely (fake) bookstagram-style layouts like this:

Image created on

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