Three Horn Toots

It’s been a weekend of headaches jumping though Amazon’s hoops to get the plagiarized versions of my first two books removed from their store. This process reset to 99c the “permanently free” price-matching Amazon did for me, but it looks like the books are free once again in the Australian and US stores. I’ve asked for them to be free across all marketplaces.

On April 1st, Little Sister Song hit the top 100 free Kindles in the Literary Fiction category, which was a huge and pleasant surprise.

Today it’s still there, ranked at #78, and Out of Tune is at #99. I took screenshot evidence! Thank you to readers who downloaded the books. Breaking the #100 barrier is important because it then appears in the Best Sellers lists, which means readers browsing the category for something to read will come across it, even when they’ve never heard of the author.


And books 1 & 2 hit the top 10 free Kindles in the same category on the Australian site.

One more horn-toot: Rhythm & Rhyme (Wynter Wild Book 3) is now available for purchase on Amazon. As always, if you’ve enjoyed the books please consider writing an honest review at the retailer and/or Goodreads.


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