Little Sister Song is out now on Kindle

I’ve just published Little Sister Song (book 1 of the Wynter Wild series) on Kindle!

The book also has a Goodreads page.

My intention was to distribute the first couple of books (at least) free to generate interest in the series, so I’ve been posting it to Wattpad. Given Amazon has a minimum US$0.99 price, that’s what it costs. If I enrol the book in Kindle Unlimited to make it free for subscribers, I’ll have to remove it from Wattpad for at least 90 days – I’m debating whether to do that.

If you’d like to support the book please consider a purchase or writing a review. The book and its sequels have had a phenomenal response on Wattpad from loyal readers, and I’ll be forever grateful for their support that encouraged me to keep putting the book out there.

Wynter has spent her entire young life behind a chain-link fence in the middle of the Arizona desert. Her search for love starts the day she escapes on a bus with nothing but an address and her sister’s instructions to forget the past and embrace the world outside.

Knocking on the door of an unassuming house in Seattle, she is welcomed by her true family—three older brothers who never knew she existed—in a place where they have pancakes for breakfast and make rock music in the basement. A place Wynter wants to call home. They all share the same pain: their mother’s abandonment years earlier. And they all share a bond to ease that pain: music.

But Wynter quickly learns there are no happy endings. Her adult siblings have problems of their own. Will she be able to stay long enough to taste her first tangerine, learn the blues turnaround, and put the family back together?


The Wynter Wild series is suitable for mature readers and includes (or refers to) coarse language; drug use; sex; occasional violence; past abuse; self-harm; religion; gratuitous 70s & 80s rock music references. Wynter does not have sexual abuse in her past or in her future.

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