My book characters collect Pins

A long time ago I created a Pinterest siteĀ for the Wynter Wild series, when I was researching ideas for their new home. It’s since expanded into individual boards for each of the main characters – not that I can imagine any but Wynter actually using Pinterest. So far I’ve made the following boards: Caleb’s HouseContinue reading “My book characters collect Pins”

Wynter Wild Books Spotify Playlist

In no particular order, these are the songs mentioned, or played in some form, in books 1-4 of my Wynter Wild series. I’ll be making more playlists in the future to give you an idea of what the various bands in the book sound like. Click the button at the end for the Spotify playlist.Continue reading “Wynter Wild Books Spotify Playlist”

Little Sister Song – paperback edition

If you like the feel of a book in your hand… Little Sister Song is now available as a paperback edition! Click the button at the end to purchase. Unfortunately, Amazon Australia doesn’t offer this service so my Aussie readers will have to order from Amazon US and pay shipping. Even I wasn’t able to orderContinue reading “Little Sister Song – paperback edition”