What Do They Really Look Like? Part 2

A few more characters I created using ArtBreeder, an A.I. face generator. Check out Part 1 for the Fairn boys, Wynter, Xay, and more. Again, there are minor spoilers here regarding relationships.

Here are Caleb’s girlfriends and dates from the series… and whew, I didn’t realize there were so many until I put them all together like this. (I omitted the mystery Canadian girlfriend because we never actually met her.) Bea was the harried single mother with dreams of marriage. Nicole was the colleague from Florida who raised Wynter’s hopes, but only had one date with Caleb. Anita was Caleb’s high school girlfriend for a few months, became Wynter’s down-to-earth counselor, and went with Caleb on the trip to Arizona. Olivia was “sunshine”, according to Wynter, but Caleb nipped it in the bud after a few weeks. And Kim… well, there’s still hope…

Indio’s turn… and only two of these ladies were actually girlfriends of course. Eleanor was the “pink-haired photographer” who shocked Rosa with her revealing art. Charity Thorne had her way with Indio while they were on tour together. Claire was the sensible brusque London schoolteacher who shared a flat with Indio for a few months. Jenny was his high school crush and later his girlfriend. Bonnie was a singer in a band Indio played with for a while.

These are five of Jesse’s relationships, although he had some short-term dates and girlfriends in between. Natalie was the girl he was dating when Wynter first arrived in Seattle. Heather was the “Easter bunny” and also the boss’s daughter at the mini-golf. Alice was the redhead who got on the wrong side of Ripley the goat. Lucy was the surgeon’s daughter who failed to pay Jesse the attention he needed. Dusk was his long-term girlfriend who, in the end, messed with his head a little too much. And Ana is the German physicist who I’ve included because Jesse would like to be dating her. Let’s see how that works out.

Wynter has had six dates or relationships, starting with Beck, the drummer in her high school band Crunch. Eric was her first real boyfriend – the brother of Jesse’s best friend Marcus. She sort-of dated Gideon and invited him to the prom. The boy at the party (end of book 8) was unnamed and I could’ve called him many things depsite his brief appearance. I’ve included Brodie Ingles, teen heartthrob, because he wanted to date Wynter and will be her date for the red carpet affair coming up soon. And, of course, Xay!

Xay had an ill-fated date with Monique on New Year’s Eve. He then met Roxy on his birthday. And eventually… he met Wynter again!

I have a few more faces to show you in Part 3 – the main characters’ friends and bandmates over the years, as well as the cousins from Vermont… and who could forget Rosa and Tina?

Head to the Wynter Wild Wiki for more information on all the characters. I’ve recently added timelines for these relationships. From Caleb’s timeline you can click the links to all the others.

8 thoughts on “What Do They Really Look Like? Part 2

  1. How could I forget him? Actually I didn't – I made a picture a while, back and *then* forgot about him, much as I think Wynter would like to. I've added him to Wynter's section and put Scott in the next part, since what they did barely qualified as a date.


  2. For me, too. I didn't even have half these characters' appearances set firmly in my mind, so it was fun to go back and create them based on the descriptions I gave at the time (if any).


  3. Ah, that was Piper. We never \”met\” her on the page, only in Indio's drug-addled memory, so I didn't include her here. But on the Wiki I've made timelines of all the boys' dates and girlfriends (and Wynter's boyfriends) so I added her in. Thanks for the reminder. I'll add the Wiki links to these posts.


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