Cover reveal: The Beat Goes On (Wynter Wild Book 10)

This week I’ve been finishing up Broken Strings (book 9) and working on the book 10 cover… and here it is!

For this cover I wanted Wynter to be actually playing her guitar (which most covers don’t show, as it’s very hard to find stock images where the models look like they know approximately what they’re doing with the instrument and are also not wearing bikinis). I wanted her to look really energetic and happy after the last two low-key covers. And I wanted to include drums just because of the title (no Jesse though, sorry).

Bonus with this image is the guitar is a Les Paul shape, which is my favorite. I added the t-shirt logo (a steampunk engine for our mechanical doll and it says Rule212 if you look closely) and the sugar skull decoration on the strap, both to add patterns and color to the image as it’s not the most colorful.

To give you an idea of the options I went through, here are some others I was hoping to be able to do something with – they were rejected for various reasons, often simply because I couldn’t make the crop work or because the model’s hands weren’t realistically posed. The image I chose actually has a transplanted head from a blonde model.

This weekend I’ll be finishing up book 9 on Wattpad and doing some plotting for book 10. I’ve known for a long time where each character will “end up” but haven’t yet entirely figured out how each one will get there. The Beat Goes On will also include some flashbacks to Wynter and Xay’s time at the ashram, as there are still a few mysteries to unravel from that year together.

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